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About Miand

米蓝,无尽伸延 米蓝,无尽伸延 伸延的是中国新锐的坚韧,果敢与胸怀。米蓝,无尽伸延。伸延的是网际隐形工程,无处不在的米蓝身影。米蓝,无尽伸延。伸延的是志同道合不断结盟的伙伴,众志成城 中国力量

MLAND lnfinite Possibilities


With China’s tenacity, courage and mind we actively work in the Internet industry. We are constantly extending alliance of like-minded partners and uniting China’s power.

2005.08        Italy MLAND® established their Network Information Technology Co., Ltd in China.

At the end of 2005        MLAND International received their first order from a foreign company——Shanghai office building of German Chamber of Commerce.

2006.05      Products from the MLAND® copper link cable /Fittings series were researched and developed by Italy Data Management Headquarters through the test of CE and DNV.

2006.09     A new batch of network generation of like-minded in China has joined in MLAND group by equity participation, which will grow to be the most important power in MLAND.

2007.03     MLAND® products have accessed to China’s financial industry——Jiangxi Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd.

2007.07      Nanchang Headquarters pilot of Guotai Junan Securities wonrecognition and praise thereafter, MLAND International business expanded to Guotai Junan throughout JIANGXI province。Several different departments completed the projects within 14 months of time including, Jiujiang petrochemical service department, Ruichang Jiujiang, Nanfeng Fuzhou, Jinxian Nanchang, Guixi Yingtan, Jiangxi Copper Yingtan, Gaoan Yichun service department’s updating and Yingtan Sales Department, Jiujiang Sales Department’s Network Remoulding.

2008.04       MLAND® Israel HONEYWALL  laboratory through research and development, it was found  to be successful to reduce the diameter of the 81, 91 series cable, which became a minimized version in the cat 6A solution.

2008.06       91 series F/UTP wire cable’s frequency range extended to 500 MHz,which can support 10 Gbps high bandwidth applications.

2008.11    MLAND International products from the copper link cable /Fittings series have passed the Qualifi cation Test of China Classifi cation Society(CCS) E60, E90 and etc.

At the end of 2008       MLAND International products received many order from various companies in Shanghai including but not limited to Shanghai Jianpu imports and exports limited liability company(LLC),  CNBM Group Import & Export Shanghai Company, Party School of the Construction Committee in Shanghai, Shanghai Huashan Hospital’s Network Remoulding project,Shanghai NanQiao (IRD) Inland Revenue Department buildingShanghai environment and energy exchange office buildingShanghai Zhuzong Goup office building,Shanghai Denso group’s weak electricity project, Drpeng Shanghai  branch Network Remoulding and  Shanghai Zhenxiong Auto Fittings  limited company PDS system.

2009.03       MLAND Internationalbuilt many MLAND® manufacturing plants in SHANGHAI, ZHEJIANG, JIANGSU by acquiring and holding stocks and equity participation.

2009.05       MLAND International products were fond of including Zhejiang Public Security Department Data Center computer room project, Zhejiang Province rural credit association computer room project, Shaoxing Coastal thermal power plantsYanchen Traffic Bureau weak electricity projectNingbo Administration center building‘s computer room project, Zhejiang  Province rural credit association computer room projectZhejiang Lishui Liandu power supply bureau computer room project, Zhejiang Zhoushan Putuo center Hospital computerized project, Zhejiang Province rural credit association computer room project and Suzhou electric fitting weak electricity project. These products were well sold at the Yangtze River Delta area.

2009.07      Italy MLAND® Giga SPMDX10D  1100GS6 distribution frame,pre-intelligent distribution frame platform can be updated to intelligence deployment according to customers’ demand. SPMD X10D1281 FTP module’s architectural design and Flexibility—3,4 channel connectors can use 5 meters cable,2 channel connectors can use 3 meters cable and the shortest length which can be used in a cross-connected jumper is a 1meter cable. MLAND® G8FP can shield 6 kinds of jumper,minimize the reflection of transmission signal and optimize the shielding effect. The minimized attenuation makes it transfers further and is more fulfilled. It also has a higher EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) function.

2009.10 MLAND International products entered the telecommuni cations industry in China, and participated in the projects of Hunan Province Mobile Co. , Ltd Mobile Control center office building Network Remoulding/Hunan communi cations authority office building network system /Hunan China Netcom Residential BroadBand access network /Hunan China Netcom Home Telephone voice access network /Hunan Broadcasting BroadBand network construction /CHONGQING Unicom data Room remolding /Hangzhou telecom BroadBand and Fixed Line network construction.

2010   MLAND® Israel honeywall lab’s R&D and manufacture expanded to optical fiber industry. There are two types of MLAND® LazrSPMD solution laser optimization. First one is the multimode: The loss of the multimode optical cable channel will be reduced to a minimum and can cut 50% more than other systems and small connector types. The other type is the LC connector ZWP-SM  : the loss is lowest when frequency hits 1383 nm E; the available wavelength has been increased over 60%; compare to other technologies, the CWDM technology is the lowest at price which can be supported perfectly and can be very economical for single-mode in the future.

Outdoor cable: Compact-size, Small diameter, light; To stop hydrogen evolution from getting through the tube, the composite steel belt tightly covers the beam tube. Aerial laying can not only save the cost but can also make it easier to connect and have excellent mid-span access capability. Low tensile strength outdoor optical cable supports the appli cation when short loading reaches 300 lbs (1335 N) and long-term loading reaches 90 lbs (400 N); for the applications, this is an alternative to the traditional optical cable with a 600 lbs load, which is the ideal choice for enterprise and campus. Our optical cable is designed for outdoor use under harsh environmental circumstances.

2010   MLAND Internationalproducts applied to China campus. We had provided superior products to Chongqing Wushan School campus network building / Chongqing Dazu Middle School campus network / Chongqing Wanzhou District Campus Internet / Hunan Women's University / HUNAN NORMAL University and Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee Party School.

2011  MLAND International FTTH PDS complimentary products-MLAND® wire mesh cable trayMLAND®cable Cabinet,MLAND® intelligent residential network cabling  system  manufacturing plant were all founded in KunShan JIANGSU, WeiHai SHANDONG and NINGBO ZHEJIANG.

2011.09   MLAND International intelligent residential network cabling system was applied to the upscale residential district: Hunan MobileLTD apartment / Changsha golden autumn apartment / Changsha xiaokangzhonghua apartment / Shanghai Jinqiao Zhongda Lido apartment and Suzhou Taihu villas.

2012.03  MLAND International FTTH PDS into the transportation industry including: Fujian  Province Transportation Holding ltd office building / Network Remoulding/Fuzhou Port Holding E-government network system integration /Fuzhou Port Holding Qingzhou plant office building   / Shanghai Railway Building  weak electricity  system. MLAND International became China Railway 2 Bureau,  China Railway 4 Bureau’s golden Strategic Partnersand MLAND® products which have been designated for supply.

2012.07   MLAND International products in the Bank industry ——Hangzhou Everbright Bank office building,Credit Suisse Shanghai data center,State Street Bank Hangzhou Heaven Software Park data center and Hangzhou branch of Bohai Bank’s data center  project.

2013   MLAND International’s Northwestern, Southwestern, Northeastern and Southern branch have been established in Lanzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang and Guangzhou respectively. Our plan is to expand throughout China.

2013.02 MLAND International cooperated with Fortune 500 companies to promote MLAND dmux.

2013.04   MLAND International products extended into Anhui Province, Anhui Province Ma‘an shan Broadcasting weak electricity project and Ma'anshan City of Anhui Renfa Hospital’s weak electricity project which will be signed soon with us.

2013.05  MLAND International fund  33.3% stocks to establish the Optical fiber optical cable  ltd,which will focus on Research, Development & Manufacture of China’s optical fiber and optical cable.

2013.06   MLAND’s international logo was finally released, which was made by former Ogilvy & Mather . The logo like a Cutting-edge F117 Stealth fighter soars up high above , which symbolizes the development of MLAND International. MLAND International has invested in 165 through the Swiss National Register of Bern, which opened world of MLAND...... 

2013   China Internet users reached 450 million, 50% of which spend more than eight hours a day online. Various enterprises and institutions’ network system have become the lifeblood. Network makes the world into a more closely connected community. The network is supported by the Invisible project.  

Baidu took the place of Google for 8 years,QQ took the place of  E-mail for 8 years,do you find MLAND in this changing world

MLAND abide by natural selection of survival of the fittest. Our effects can make dreams come true.

wonderful internet world!